He’s the Brown Panther, the Mango Kid, Dr. Evening, Mocha Moses and the coolest cat in rock ‘n’ roll. He is Danko Jones and listen brother, he sweats blood. His live show will leave you desperate to catch your breath as he struts, swaggers and head bangs his way into your girlfriend’s, sister’s and mother’s dreams. Born a lion and raised a devil child, Jones is the embodiment of rock because he knows that a microphone isn’t made for mumbling, it’s made for yelling.

Or talking, as the case may be.

The Toronto hard rock trio, who are much more at home in Sweden or Germany than they are in Canada, have been taking all of Europe by storm over the last couple of years. With around 200 shows per year, a syndicated radio show, three albums in as many years and the responsibility of keeping rock alive, Danko Jones (the man) is about to launch his first ever spoken word tour. Despite a love for Black Flag, don’t compare him to Henry Rollins, Jones wouldn’t be down with that, but after a secret spoken-word performance this past February in Malmo, Sweden, he’s ready to put down the guitar, pick up the mic and go to work.

No guitar, no JC, no Damon, Jones’ No Music, Only Words OK? Tour will be contained in Norway and Sweden throughout the month of August while maintaining the band’s regularly scheduled European festival dates. If the band’s live show is any indication, a very well dressed Jones will take the stage and then the audience by storm.

Jones’ record label Bad Taste Records will put out a spoken word album titled The Magical World Of Rock some time in the fall.

The Magical World Of Rock, also the title of Jones’ Swedish radio show, was recently syndicated to both German and Canadian radio stations, with two full seasons available on the station’s website. The show often features a theme, with Jones breaking down albums, terms, genres or bands while incorporating interviews with fellow rock frontmen like Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson or Sepultura’s Derrick Green. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s RADIO 306 has recently picked up the show in Canada.

Although Canada may have lost Danko Jones forever (I once saw them in a small club where audience members actually sat down) at least they’re in a place where nu metal is actually new metal and they’re treated like the gods of rock that they should be.