A bubbling feud between K-OS, Canadian hip-hop’s top dog, and NOW Magazine, a Toronto-based alternative weekly, now has a third party lumbering into the fray: T.O.-bred, Euro-famous rock ‘n’ roller, Danko Jones.

It’s an emerging fight that could turn Toronto’s Queen Street into a musical Gaza Strip. The catalyst for all of this, the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand if you will, came in the form of NOW (and former Chart) writer Jason Richards‘ review of K-OS’ Atlantis — Hymns For Disco album in their October 5 edition. Richards gave the album three out of five, characterizing K-OS as “a crossover pop artist disguised as a true-school b-boy.” K-OS responded to the review on his MySpace page, calling Richards “Sambo” and an “Uncle Tom” who’s being “manipulated by his indie-rock nerd bosses.”

Upon hearing about the K-OS-NOW feud, Jones weighed in on NOW’s October 19 letters page, saying K-OS has “had too much sunshine massaged up his ass,” while adding that K-OS compadre Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene was “the white middle-class version of G-Unit.”

K-OS’ further response, a humorous missive that’s been lighting up inboxes, recants on the original “Sambo” comment, only to compare Richards instead to Arnold Drummond (sic, Arnold Jackson), the Gary Coleman character of late-’70s sitcom, Diff’rent Strokes.

K-OS saves his Jones address for the post-script of his letter, saying, “also check out my rock group coming out this summer not sure about the name i think we will call it STANKO JONES …lead single Segers Son. trust me we will do our best to reach NOBODY AT ALL!”

Jones, for his part, wasn’t impressed when ChartAttack asked him if he, according to rumour, did in fact smell funny.

“I thought K-OS was a wordsmith?” says Jones. “Why can’t he come up with a better insult? I was pretty unimpressed and almost disappointed. A five-year-old could come up with something wittier than ‘Stanko Jones.'”

And the “Segers Son” comment? Also puzzling. Was K-OS suggesting Jones was fathered by “Like A Rock” rocker Bob Seger? Or maybe folkie Pete Seeger?

“Definitely not Pete, ’cause folk music is lame,” says Jones. “I kind of thought that was a lame response from him, too.”

As far as K-OS attempting to make a rock record is concerned, Jones has faint praise for the idea.

“K-OS make a rock record? I’m sure he thinks he can. He can do whatever he wants. If it rocks, I might even buy, er, download it,” says Jones, who, if the situation was reversed, suggests a Danko Jones rap record would “probably” have more “rap” on it than a K-OS record. “Or at least it wouldn’t have Sam Roberts on it.”

We also got Jones to clarify his claim that Drew is like a more beardy, dishevelled and less bullet-riddled version of 50 Cent, the leader of the G-Unit posse. The concern is that if Drew was 50, wouldnn’t that make BSS cohort Brendan Canning like Lloyd Banks?

“I love Brendan Canning,” says Jones. “He’s probably the only one in both camps with his head on his shoulders.

“While 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks might put a hit out on you, Kevin Drew would probably just put a social hit on you and tell everyone you like Staind and Hoobastank behind your back.”