Book Review: Worth Every Penny

Rating: 5 stars

This book is written in a very easy to understand language. The hints are practical and should help everyone in some way. Microsoft will not tell you much of how to make your operating system work the way YOU want it to. Steve Bass takes care of that. It is a valuable resource for anyone who has a PC, novice or experienced. I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about computers and I even learned a few new tricks.

Book Review: A sanity saver

Rating: 4 stars

I am still pretty much a neophyte where computers are concerned, so I bought this book hoping that it could get me out of the “messes” I’m always getting into. It really DOES help! Thank you!!! Steve Bass, I’m now searching for other books you have written.

Book Review: Concise, excellent, usable tips

Rating: 5 stars

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I’ve read many computer books, and I have to say this is one of the most informative. More important, Steve provides hundreds of tips to overcome the small (and large) problems of Windows. It’s nice to know that even a well-known computer columnist experiences the same frustrations we ordinary users do. Happily, he willing to share the solutions he’s found.

In my first reading, I discovered the answers to at least 7 windows annoyances I’ve encountered.

And instead of including a cost-raising CD, the publisher has made 100 utility programs available online, a better solution than including them on a quickly outdated disk.

A useful, and often amusing book.

You need it!

Book Review: A readable computer book!

Rating: 5 stars

This is the first computer book I actually said down and read, cover to cover. It holds your interest, and each tip gets you excited for the one to follow. I call it my AHA book. All the time you read it, you go “Aha! That’s the problem!” or “Aha! That’s how to get rid of that!”. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Book Review: Helps me, helps my friends… which in turn helps me too!

Rating: 5 stars

I bought three copies of your book at Amazon and gave them as party gifts during private receptions. They were greatly appreciated. It was, in fact, a very selfish gift: I have hopes that your book will help these people and stop them from calling me each time their system has a hiccup. My friends overseas, unfortunately, are not fluent enough in English, their version of Windows is either French or German, otherwise, I would already have shipped a couple of cases of your excellent book to get some peace in my Inbox.